The history and some features of SnapChat-best leaked snap top 10

The application and some of its history

Since being launched as Picaboo back in July, 2011, the photo messaging app SnapChat has come a long way

apart from being re-launched in its new name and as per the information in May, 2014, the users are sending as many as 700million clicks per day and the stories content is being viewed almost 500million times a day. The main developers who started the app were Reggie Brown and Evan Spiegel, later they were joined by Bobby Murphy. The mascot of the app is Ghost face Killah. At first, in May, 2012, almost 25 images could be sent per second using which the users did send some 20million photos by November 28, 2012. Then, the developers were facing problems with the increased user base and as a result, the photos couldn’t be delivered in real-time. It reached another milestone when the app was released for the Android users on November29, 2012.

Another milestone was reached in June, 2013 when the company launched the Snapkidz for the users under

13years of age.
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The downs of the app

Apart from the highs, SnapChat also has some lows. Much news of the snapchat dirty names came into the

headlines. The snapchat dirty names were mainly used by its users who did send inappropriate photos and


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