before and after shower time-Beware- Snapchat Leak is Going on

Snapchat is among the most popular app; generally it is used for photo sharing. Through this app

you can share pictures, videos, and massages with your friends. Sharing objects in snapchat

app are called snaps. Many users, mainly teens between 13 to 17 years old, are sharing their love

pictures, intimate images; that causes snapchat leak. Hackers hacks those users’ accounts and

spread it in various websites. People get shocked by viewing their private pictures on other

websites, those very images, they shared in snapchat. A user must know what is Snapchat?

What is its purpose? In short it is a photo messaging app. User can select times for the duration

of his/ her snap. Viewer can watch this snap only for this selected few seconds. After that the app

automatically delete snapchat pictures, this is the policy of snapchat app; those pictures cannot

be stored by the users.

Wrong uses of Snapchat

Many users are using this app in a wrong way, they often shares their nude pictures, love

pictures or intimate snapchat video with their friends. Snapchat was created for a creative

purpose; users are using it in totally bad way. From a report, we can know that teens of United

States, age between 13 to 17 years, are engage more in snapchat to share adult objects. The

hackers target those users and hack their account to get those explicit pictures and videos.

Sometimes users use some third party apps to take screenshots, the apps like Snapkeep,

SnapBox, SnapSpy allows its users to take screenshots from snapchat. And thus the snapchat

leak is going in a huge manner; social networking pictures are now in the hand of some hackers

and they use it in bad purpose for their personal gain.Before And After Shower TimeBefore And After Shower Time

Snapchat leak

Snapchat hackers threaten for ‘The Snapping’ like the previous ‘The Fappening’, in which many

celebrities’ private pictures were disclosed. Some sources say that ‘The Snapping’ could be even

more dangerous than ‘The Fappening’, and this time they can disclose 200,000 pictures,

including celebrities’ private pictures. The snapchat authority claims on Twitter that there

server was not hacked, it is some users who are hacking the images by some third party apps.

Snapchat accuses Snpsave and Snapsaved. com for this third party involving but the two

companies denies this accusation. Some reports say that the server of snapchat was hacked as the

internal security system of the app is very week. And for this week security the snapchat leak is

possible. Some users are taking screenshots of the snaps and spread it to the world, thus the

snapchat picture app is not safe anymore.

New policy of Snapchat

The authority says that they are scrutinizing their privacy policy. They will settle with Federal

Trade Commission (FTC) and that will help the app to move in proper guideline. They are trying

to make their security system stronger

The users have to be more responsible in sharing their snapchat pictures and videos. They have

to use it safely as the snapchat app is no longer a safe app, there is no privacy at all.

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