Beautiful girl in school with her wig-The Snapchat And Its Evolution

In the year 2011 a photos messaging application was first launched by the three students of

Stanford University. This application, developed by the students Evan Spiegel, Bobby

Murphy and Reggie Brown, was launched under the name “Picaboo” which can be used to

take photos, record videos, texting and drawings by the users and the users could send them

to a specific and controlled list of recipients. These sent files such as video, photo etc are

called as “Snaps”. Snaps have an interesting character that the users can put a time limit on a

particular snap as per the choice. After receiving those files by the recipients those snaps will

be deleted from the recipients’ device as well as from the application server after completing

that time span specified by the sender. At that time this famous application was developed

only for the iOS operating platform in July 2011, though later Picaboo was re lunched under

the name “Snapchat”. The mascot of this popular photos messaging application was

developed and derived by one of the developers Brown as “Ghostface Chillah”

The huge sharing done by users

In the month of 2012, 25 snaps were sent per second by the users and in the month of

November of that same year users have shared over one billion snaps through the Snapchat

iOS application with 20 millions snaps were being shared per day by the user of this

application. Previously Snapchat was lunched for iOS platform only but on November 2012

that same application was re launched for the android platform also.
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Exciting features of the app

Snapchat, the world famous photos messaging application is full of exciting features specially

designed for its modern users. It has got screen shot facility so that the recipient can take the

screenshot of the snaps during viewing. “Snapchat Stories” feature helps the users to create

the link of shared contents which can be viewed for a unlimited number of times over 24

hours. “Snap Cash” feature enables the users to transfer funds to their friends in a fully

secured way. “Snapkidz” launched as a part of the original application only for the users

below 13 years to take photos, videos and drawing on them but not to transfer the snaps to

other devices. “Here” is another feature which helps the user to know about the available

friends engaged for video chatting. “Discover” feature helps to consume text and videos from

different editorial teams. The “Best Friend” feature is updated with interesting emoji icons.

Usage reports

According to a report by Pew Research Centre, eleven percent of teen say that they use

Snapchat most frequently. Therefore it is proved that Snapchat is more devoted to its service

as a social network than competitors like Facebook or Instagram. Snapchat is in the top three

of the social networks used by teens, overtaking Twitter, Google+ and Vine.

But sometimes the famous technologies can be used in such a way that leads to pull the

curtain of curse in one’s life like Andrew Barr, the principal of an elite Victorian private

school. He has resigned from his job after photo surfaces of him on Snapchat watching porn

in his school office. An investigation was launched after the photo was shared on Snapchat.

The college council has called his actions “a breach of our standards”.

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