Snapchat- A Tale Of How To Lose Friendship Over $70 Million-batman face for party

Snapchat was like the need of the hour when it saw the broad daylight back in 2011.Whether

it’s sending your partner some ‘naughty’ images of yourself or sharing the photo of birthday

cake you have prepared for your daughter who is studying in another city, online- we all like to

capture the fun, spontaneous moments of our life and share it with our friends and near ones.
Batman Face For PartyBatman Face For Party

Paten filing – the bone of contention

Reggie Brown, who in early 2013 came forth with the lawsuit that he was the original creator

of Snapchat, was a dorm-mate of Evan Spiegel- the co-founder and CEO of Snapchat, during

the year of 2008-09 in Stanford University. While Evan Spiegel was studying product design,

Reggie Brown was a student of English major.

In the initial interviews of Evan Spiegel, when Snapchat already became a ‘hot’ name , he

never mentioned the name of Reggie Brown even once, when asked about how the idea of

Snapchat came out. He just mentioned that he and Bobby Murphy ( the other Stanford grad

and Snapchat CTO), got the germ of the idea, when one friend mentioned to them that how he

wished the photos sent to his girlfriend could have disappeared.

But later Reggie Brown filed a lawsuit claiming he was ‘that’ friend of Evan Spiegel, who

wished the temporality of images shared online. He slapped litigation against the duo Evan

Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, saying that three of them started working on the idea of Snapchat

in 2011. Though Reggie was not that adapt with technology (being English major) like the

rest of the two, he wrote the FAQ section, marketing content of Snapchat and even created it’s

famous ‘ghost’ logo.

But when later he wished to file a patent of Snapchat- Evan and Bobby protested, changed the

password of Snapchat’s server, and unceremoniously booted out Reggie from the project.

At last in September 2014, Snapchat founders credited Reggie as one of the creators of

Snapchat – thus ending a one and half year bitter legal battle on who shot the gun first.

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