bathroomgirl-News Being Added In The Format Of Snapchat For The Teen Mass

The app has always been in news for a lot of reasons. The app has some specialties that make the

app unique and ready to use by a large number of people. The app gives one the opportunity to

share the photos. But the main difference lies somewhere else. It has a time after which the snap

will automatically get deleted. The time is to be set by the users. The tome is to be set before

sending the photo to your friend. There are options of 1 to 10 and the user can choose anyone of

them. The snap will get deleted after that time without anyone’s involvement. For this reason the

app has reached the zenith of success and is the common thing in every mobile of a teenager.

The snap disappears

The pictures get disappeared and that is the most unique thing of the app. This is the first app

that has provided such a thing and thus has created revolution in the world of apps. The app was

designed to have fun. The developer believed that emoticons are liked by everyone but they

do not have the ability to express emotions in the real form. They wanted something real, fast

and instant like the emoticon. Thus they thought of sharing the images just like one shares the

emoticons. The people can take selfies and share it among the friends. The best part was that one

does not have the need to share it in the social networking site or share in the chat to remain it

forever with your friends. The app thus allows to delete the photos that are funny and silly after




Introduction of the news

The app after getting popular at such large extent is searching for something new. The latest

things that they are planning to add in the app are the news. The app is going beyond the fun

element to give something important to the users. The pap is trying to get news ad represent

it to the users in an interesting way. The media is thus extending to the app. The media is also

interested as they are planning to attract the young mass that has been away from the news. News

has always been termed by the teens as boring and thus this is initiative to display news in a

unique form. Through the news being introduced in the app the teenagers will get ware of the

current affairs of the nation and get interested towards news. The representations of the news are

much like the snap chat pictures that includes some captions that remains the attraction of the

snap. Same way the news is planning to get introduced among the young users.

The time limit

The news that will be there in the app will have duration of 24 hours. In this duration the user

can see the news stories as many times they want and after that the news will be deleted. This

initiative of the media and Snapchat is hopeful and might create some change in the mindset of

the young generation about news.

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