The new features in SnapChat V5.0 Banquo-balls in my mouth

The techniques for surviving in market

In the 21st century, if you want to survive in market and want to keep your position, you have

to find out some new techniques and also make some necessary modifications to suite the

changing demands of the customers. Whatever the business may be, you will always have to

keep in mind the needs of the users and make the services better and more user-friendly. The

same is for the online social networking apps. If you follow the apps, you will see one thing

in common, that is the developers do modify and add new features to make the app more

useful and better.
Balls In My MouthBalls In My Mouth

The details of the app

The app is very useful tool for instant sharing of pictures and videos. The links are saved as

stories and can be viewed till 24hours of uploading. The other users can view it any number

of times they want during the 24hours. You can sign up by simply installing the app from

your iOS or Android app store. The sign up process is very simple. You can also add your

friends from around the world and share snaps with them. A new feature called the ‘here’

feature shows the friends who are online and is available for video chat. You can do video

chat with them.

So, it is basically a multipurpose app and also free of cost.

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