Is Snapchat The Right Choice For Sharing Private Photos?

Snapchat is the app that has created a lot of sound in the market and most of them were for

wrong reasons. The security quotient of the app has always been in trail and people are talking

about breaching of the terms of the app. But despite all this problems the popularity of the app is

not lessening at any point. Still a large section of teenagers are getting involved in using the app.

The app developers have got warning from the security council of the state but nothing seemed

to work. The problems are going viral. The Security Council is saying that the developers are

simply ignoring the warnings as they are pooled with users. Even the advertisers are investing

on the app to share the publicity and attract the audience. Thus this platform is just growing like

anything. The developers have understood that people have got addicted to snapping in spite of

all the wrong words.

Snapchat is not safe

The Snapchat app has been releasing version with the latest updates making it more user

friendly. The company is getting money from investments and funds and even that is a debatable

issue. The news groups have been found to tie up with Snapchat to release their news stories

and attract the young crowd. Thus updates are realizing randomly of the app to make it suitable

for use for all purposes. The security factor has not gone two weeks even and the version are

going updated rather than checking the security factors of the app. But the developers have to

put their concern in the fact that they are involving the security quotient of the people. No person

or association has the right to pay with identifiable information of the users. With the increase

of cyber crime this tiny messaging app is working its part to be a part of that world according to

reports of the council.

Leaking of numbers

A phone number is the piece of information that is used by criminals to do all sorts of wring

tasks. The developers are saying that they have appointed security researchers who are seeing to

find the cause of the problem. The privacy and security is an important thing and the developer

has claimed that they have made changes in the security systems. When the details of the

changes were asked the developers did not answer it.

Is it private?

Many people have considered Snapchat as the safer medium and thus using it more freely. But

things are turning exact opposite. When people are sharing their personal photos through the app

it is found out that these snaps are getting leaked in various social platforms. People can see it

anytime or download it. Thus the people have to understand that they are having a misconception

when they are considering Snapchat to be mode of private chat.

With this app the snaps can be sent to each other and the recipient will only be able to see the

snap for a specific time. But are you not thinking that within that time the receiver can take a

snapshot of the photo. There are serious problems on the security issues. Thus before trusting,

check that you are in the right place.

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