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Privacy on snap chat

Snap chat limits an age. The minimum age limit for snap chat is 13. Snap chat follows a strict

privacy protection. When you download snap chat on your mobile device it asks for your birth

year. If your birth year identifies you as below the age limit you are re directed to kid version.

That is named as snapkidz. Here a person will not be able to send any photos and videos with

any friends and relatives. You can only tell your kids to play with the photos. So you can be so

worry less with the juniors of your house.

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What are the measures to gain trust back?

On May 8th

and they will take care further to manage the kind of abuse faced by its users. They have

promised to be more candid in their target of popularizing snap chat in a safe way; they have

realized their earlier mistakes and apologized to resolve the issue further. They have promised to

develop their privacy policy, app description etc. their efforts gives us spontaneity in the further

, 2014 the company stated that they are going to invest high for the privacy settlement

use of snap chat in a free way.

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