Babydoll – Publishers found a great platform in snapchat

Snapchat has come out with its new edition snapchat discover. It is the new discovery of the

application. From the very beginning of its launch it has turned into one of the most popular

application among all media houses. It has created a strong and firm craze among young adults

and that is reason behind why all the media houses have felt so drawn towards this app. The app

is mostly used by the kids and teenagers and for this reason it has become a big open ground for

the publishers.
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Publishers are taking well decisive steps:

As per the news came to the fore there are all total 12 publishers and media houses that want to

publish their stories first on the screen of snapchat. We have heard that the app and its team has

signed up an agreement on the basis of publishing news on the app. In the beginning of each day

you will be able to see new news and they will stay for a certain period of time and after that

they will be vanished from the screen. The names of the publishers that are in a partnership

contract with the app are: MTV, Cosmopolitan, CNN, Daily Mail, National Geographic, Food

network, People, Vice, Fusion, Yahoo News, etc. Those brands and publishing houses are

famous worldwide and mostly among young generation. And they are upto take the advantage.

Let us look into the matter more deeply.

CNN partnership with the app:

CNN, this channel is quite popular a name in the news world, it has so stated that the app

snapchat has a large figure of audience. And that number of audiences is devoted and passionate

enough for both snap chat and CNN. This news channel posts each and every morning an

assortment of existing news. They usually cover a different range of reports. They post their

stories either in text or sometimes in videos. They have said with confirmation they try to post

around five to six stories every morning and they set a time limit for each new. They are

seriously over by this dynamic progress of the app.

Partnership with National Geographic:

National Geographic has so far expressed their thinking towards it stating that it is actually an

exciting thing for them since using the app can actually turn out to reach more people daily. For

them this is a golden chance for them to stand up and experience a group of young minds and

their feelings. The content of the channel is very simple; it is some videos and articles that are

published daily.

Deal with Daily mail:

Daily mail is another media house which is with partnership with the application. They have said

even that it is a matter of gladness for them to have dealt with the app snapchat. It is seriously

very glad for us too that we have this app and these channels in our life to illuminate for positive.

We are looking forward to the team of the app to give us with more surprises like this.

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