Hacked Nude Photos Sent Through Snapchat Have Been Put Online-at least its not brown p

Snapchat is the latest sensational app among the teenagers and the young adults. It has been

nicknamed as the sexting app by many of the teenagers who prefer send sexually implicit content

through this app. Among all the photo sharing apps, sexually implicit content like nude images

and videos are shared more through Snapchat. Teenagers prefer this app than other social

networking apps because of the self-destructive nature of the pics and the videos. But most of

them fail to realize that a breach of security may leak their usernames along with their pictures.

Even the recipients of the images and the videos can take a snapshot of the image before it self-

Security concern of Snapchat

The security concern of the photos shared can be more serious if the users of this social

networking app post images via third-party app. Lately, the images posted by the Snapchat users

through a third party app have been hacked and posted online. Teenagers and young adults often

fail to realize that the leaking of their nude Snapchat pictures online can totally mess with their

reputation. They may have done it just to have fun with friends but ended up in tainting their

reputation. Although, the company claims that it had never compromised with the security of the

personal information of the users yet they could not deal properly with the breach of security of

the photos and videos posted through third-app party. It claimed that the users who preferred to

use third-party apps to share their snaps and videos have violated the terms and conditions to use

the social app.
At Least Its Not Brown PAt Least Its Not Brown P

Leaked nude photos

The nude images shared by the users through Snapchat had been leaked and put online by the

hackers. The hacking and posting of the nude pictures online is hard to control. Although some

of the images are taken offline, yet the threat of the posting of more nude pictures online lingers

as the hackers claim to have snaps of almost 13 gigabytes which they have collected over the

years. It is not difficult to understand that the hackers are using the loophole in the terms of

security of this sexting app to collect the nude Snapchat pictures over the time.

Breach of security of the social app

Despite of the breach of security of this social app, teens continue to send nude selfies and share

sexually implicit videos through this app and some of them even do not hesitate to use third-
party apps to send their snaps. The obsession of the teenagers with Snapchat is probably because

of their obsession of sending and sharing nude selfies with other people. The app is made for

fun and so no hard and fast rules are attributed to it about the kind of content that can be shared

through this app. Snapchat provides full freedom to the users to send the kind of content they



However, the leaking of nude images of the users is not the only concern of Snapchat. Millions

of usernames and phone numbers have been leaked earlier which again points to the loophole in

security of Snapchat.

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