Ass-Snapchat users in dire straits with the recent hacking of the personal information

Snapchat has been recently in news all over the world because of all the faulty reasons of

leaking the most significant informations of its users. It is recently reported that the hackers have

traced 4.6 million username and passwords of the users with which they also got the access to the

phone numbers of the same.

The app promised to transfer pictures, videos and instant messages to friends, and all these

would vanish after a stipulated time (max.10 seconds) to the original server of snap chat. But

after the hacking of the personal information the users are also in doubt that the important

information like photos, videos or messages may be leaked at any point of time.

Snapchat leaking important information

Many social media has evolved over the years, and the present generation is also showing their

eagerness to use these apps, because this is only ways left for them to socialize with friends and

relatives due to lack of time in their schedule.

The user name and password are the gateways into all types of social media app. If these

informations pass into to the hands of the hackers, then they can send any type of inappropriate

pictures of videos which might hamper your image in front of friends for which you are not


That ass

Apart from the username and password

Apart from the username and password the users of the apps are really tensed that their pictures

and videos that were supposed to stay in the original server of the app might also now pass into

the hands of the hackers.

The authority of the snapchat is putting the blame fully on the third party apps which has been

launched to counter popularity of the app and is cause of this security lapse also. The company’s

claims have been rightly justified by the hackers posting the user name and passwords of various

users in a website named the, as confirmed by various news sources.

To sum up

If the security arrangements of the app are not up to the mark, it is clear that apps authencity is

not going to stay with its users for long. But this has not been the case with snapchat, because

since the news of snapchat leaked came into being, the popularity of app has not been affected.

All the apps are there to make the works of people easier, but the people are the one who from

various grounds miss-uses these apps and provoke the hacking. People all over the world are

prone to using social media with an interest of sharing the important photos, messages and

videos people available as friend on the list. But for the activation the social media you need to

provide related information like the phone number and the email id which has to be followed by

a password with will make the application a secured one for usage.

In case of snapchat these informations are leaked and the people are in faulty situation that the

hackers might use that personal information for inappropriate works.

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