asians 3-Get the NEWS of Your Interest in Snapchat

Snapchat has been updating its usefulness by including various services. In fact the app is a

social networking app, friends through this and it is in the genre of picture sharing. The users can

share images, videos and messages with their app. There is no ager restriction for using this app;

anybody of any age can use this app. There is no restriction also for sharing objects. What the

users share in this app are called the snaps. And the users can share any object they want to share

with their friends. And also the private objects get shared for this reason, including nude images

and naked selfies. This is the reason of the popularity of the app, and fore that the popularity of

the app is getting increased more.

More new services from the app

Snapchat is busy in updating its services and features continuously, for providing the users more

advantages. And the Discover is one of the biggest inclusions from the app. From the last one

year the pages of various Medias were getting covered with the news of Snapchat’s new service

discover. In fact it was the common matter of various discussions. The news was first published

by Wall Street Journal. But they could not disclose the news properly. The service has been

launched in the month including news, articles and advertising services. And soon after the

launching the service has got a huge response from the users. People like this service more from

the Snapchat app. The news service of the app has attracted the users most. The service

provides news of every interest, various people have various purpose of following news, and for

that they can get the news of their own interest. From business news to entertainment, from

general incidents to weather report, from sports to politics, all are there in this service of




Response from the users

This serviced has got a huge response from the users within a very short period. The world

famous news organizations are providing news in this service of Snapchat. News is very

important for being updated and also for gaining knowledge, to know the current affairs and

incidents of the world; the news is the only way. Various people go for other news providing app

to get the news of their interest, now they do not go for other apps for following news, as

Snapchat is providing this. Now the app has become a complete app for its various services, you

do not go for any another app, you will get everything in this one app.

Snap chat Discover is with many services, along with the news service the advertisement has

got a new way to be published through Snapchat. The business owners are also interested in

promoting their business through this app. The news service also is of high interest. Some

sources are saying that Snapchat has got many new users for this Discover service. The experts

are claiming that the popularity of the app will get increased more by this new service.

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