asia bitch Snapchat has left behind many popular social media.

From the arrival of the new mobile app Snapchat, it was considering as the world new hottest mobile app. Today’s generation next is hugely going gaga over the newly arrived mobile app Snapchat. It is becoming a rage among the young adults and the teenagers. This lucid and fun sharing photo messenger type application has given a solid challenge to many popular social networking sites and applications. In earlier days you can only share or upload thoughts or images but the buffering problem hugely affected the whole process. But after coming the mobile apps specially Snapchat the social media scenario has completely change. You can click n attach images which are called snaps and also can send numerous numbers of snaps to your close ones.

What is Snapchat?

It is an It is a primarily a photo and video messaging application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. With the coming of this easy and fun sharing app the photo sharing experience have become so much lucid and funny. The ephemeral type of mobile application which allows us to share or send numerous numbers of photographs and little time based video sharing instantly. It also gives the opportunity to attach funny quotes or friendship lines to your favorite ones. You can also borrow money from your friend who also a member of this exciting mobile app through the Snapcash option in it. To doing that you just have to have the accessibility of using debit card.

The best thing about Snapchat:

One of the best aspect of Snapchat is that you can monitor or set the timer for how long your shared object will show to other recipients phone or after how long period of time it will automatically dissolve from the server. For doing this you just have to set the timer. The time range starts from 1 second to 10 seconds. No other mobile app has this type of credibility to remove what you have shared to the recipients mobile. So it was claimed that using Snapchat option and sharing snaps through it is completely safe. And there is no such other way to revive those personal sharing through photographs or short videos.

Why it is becoming a rage?

There are many other social media formats and platforms through which you can also share or attach photos and videos. But the immense popularity of Snapchat lies in its ephemeral kind of nature. You can click and share a whole lot of snaps within a second. Generally people don’t want to waste their time, and Snapchat also offers it well. Within fraction of moment numerous photos, videos can be sent to your close ones. Snapchat is en-cashing the market through its ephemeral nature of fun sharing. Snapchat users are mostly the young people or the teenagers who believes in multitasking. And this mobile app also does the same. You just can’t imagine the efficiency and the beneficial aspects of the social media app. Social media sites have opened the door to maintain the contact with the friends. There are some other apps like Instagram, Facebook. But the lacking of lucidness and multitasking ability turn off the users’ interest towards them. So they choose the best way to maintain constant contact with friends and extended family members through the use of Snapchat app.

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