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The development of new mediums of contact

With the passing of time, the technology has advanced a lot and people have found out new

ways to entertain themselves during times of boredom and also to communicate with each

other instead of staying in distance from one another. With the internet and other electronic

mediums becoming common, the ways of communicating and entertainment have also been

upgraded. More and more people are using the online social networks to keep in contact with

the distant relatives and friends and also to avoid boredom. Recently, people are using the

various dedicated messenger applications for their mobiles to stay in contact with all near

and dear ones. In such these, there is also some photo sharing apps which lets you send your

clicks to your friends all over the world. The top application in market is SnapChat. It not

only lets you allows photo sharing, but also offers a wide range of applications like video

sharing, editing, drawing, video chatting, etc.
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Getting started

The app is very simple and is very to get started. All you need is your email ID, and an

optional phone number. You have to install the app, and sign up, then you have to find and

add the new friends on SnapChat and there you go. One thing you must be ready for is that

you will find many vulgar pictures of people with weird names, you should avoid them.

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