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A brief story about Snapchat:

Launched in 2011, this app was a lost name in the application world. Just like any other

messaging app, this app also had features to exchange messages. However the difference was

that this app offered sharing of pictures and videos, and that too with a fixed timing. The concept

was that one can click and send pictures to any recipient of their choice, by adding caption or

drawing and setting a timer on the picture. After the set timer, the picture will automatically

disappear from both the receivers mobile. This meant that you could send unlimited pictures

without any storage in your phone’s memory. This concept was greatly criticized in the

beginning but it became extremely popular. Soon big and top giants of the tech world had their

eye on this app. few big names even tried to acquire this company, its CEO refused and turned

down the offer. By 2013, this Application Company was estimated to be of approximately 4

Billion United States Dollar.
Are The Bridesmaids All Little PeopleAre The Bridesmaids All Little People

Use on Android More than on IOS:

It is also widely spread that this app performs well on android. That is why volume of snapchat

android download is much more than snapchat IOS. However, this is completely a myth. The

app performs equally well on both operating systems. However, since market share of Android is

more, Snapchat Android is downloaded more.

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