apps for your photos or pictures -download pictures from snapchat-A brief overview on the app snapchat

Snapchat is a photo sharing and messaging application for Smartphones. It is supported by any

android, windows, blackberry as well as Smartphones with any other operating systems. This

mobile phone application was developed by three masterminds, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy

and Reggie Brown. They were then students in Stanford University when they had developed the

application. By using the application, a user can take photos and videos and then he or she can

share it with friends or with someone of desire. There are some other features like a user can add

drawings and texts with the photos and videos.

The beginning stage of the app:

As per a survey conducted on the app snapchat in May 2014, the number of shared images

using the app is around 700 million per day. It has been noticed as well that the stories shared on

the app, viewed by over 500 million people. It is said that snapchat was started initially as a

class project. Many people do not know that at the initial period the name of the app was not

snapchat rather it was “Picaboo”. Due to the request of the classmates, Evan opted for the idea

of making the application, a platform for sharing photos which will be impermanent. At the

primary stage the application, their total focus was only on the technical aspect and the

development rather than on the commercial aspect. They had put all their effort for the

advancement of the application and as the time passed, it became into an ephemeral photo

messaging Smartphone application. The popularity of the app grew within a period of a few

months because of its unique feature for setting the time for each photo shared there. Users are

able to set the deletion time of the photos and after that particular time the photo will go out of sight as well as out of reach of the recipient.

apps for your photos or pictures -download pictures from snapchat
apps for your photos or pictures -download pictures from snapchat

The app to change your world:

Snapchat is a way to celebrate the life and the world around you with your friends, family and

someone you love. No matter where you are, no matter how far your family is, you are always

able to stay in constant touch with them. Share your like, your perspective and the fun around

you with just one click. The unique matter with the application is that you are now free from the

worry about your security concerns. You are in the safe hands when you are holding snapchat

on the phone in your hand.


Snapchat has not only made our life easy, not only has it made the ways to keep in touch with

our loved ones easy, what more is that it has changed our perspective towards fun and

amusement. When you are doing something and you want to live the moment with someone

special, all you have to do is to open the app, login to it, take photos or videos and then select

the recipient or the recipients and send them the photos or videos. And there you go. Redefine

the amusement of life with the loved ones around all the time.

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