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If you are already a snapchat user, you will be familiar with the kind of drama the “best friends

list” is known to create among your friend circle. The last thing you need is to let a social app

drive a rift between your close friends just because one of them is included in the so-called “best

friends list” because you tend to talk with that friend more frequently on snapchat than the other

one. While this automated list does help you locate the friends you frequently chat with much

faster, hence saving time, on the other hand, the list being up for public viewing, does open doors

for possible drama within your chat buddies. With the new emoji system, the app has eradicated

these petty complaints of its users.

The emoji indicator

The updated version of the snapchat app is all about indirectly highlighting your closest

acquaintances with the help of different emojis instead of dividing your contact list into normal

friends and best friends. If you have difficulty understanding the meaning of each emoji icon,

there is a separate key containing all the descriptions of the icons, which can be a little confusing

at first. For starters, the Gold Heart icon is placed beside the person you exchange snaps with the

most; the Grit Teeth icon is for the person who exchanges most images with the same individual

that you choose to exchange images with the most; a Smile is used to indicate one of the few

people whom you regularly send pictures to. Apart from these, there are the Fire, the Smirk and

the Sunglasses to look out for.

app that saves snapchat pictures and videos -download for snapchat
app that saves snapchat pictures and videos -download for snapchat

Privacy of the list

The tension that the “best friends list” created earlier was solely due to the fact that the list was

readily available for all your snap chat friends to see. The emoji system is predicted to become

an instant hit because it counters all the problems that the earlier list contributed towards. The

current system protects the privacy of your contact list and only you will be able to see and

control it according to your wishes. Now there would not be any cases of a jealous friend holding

a grudge against you for being left out of your “best friends list”.

The “gaming” scheme

The main reason behind the growth of snap chat as a social app is because it has been

successfully able to discern the psychology of its users. The updated version of the app proves

this fact. Every time you open snap chat to send snaps to a friend and a “needs love” label pops

up adjacent to the name of the friend, you will be made aware that you have not been in touch

with that friend recently. So in order to avoid being “scolded” by the app or made to feel bad

about yourself, your natural instinct would be to make an extra effort to send snaps to all your

friends regardless of whether you really want to or not. This way snap chat ensures that all their

users spend more and more time on their app every day.

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