app for snapchat screenshot -app that saves all snapchats photos-The Era Of The Snapchat Application

Snapchat is one of the most popular photos messaging application developed to run on the

platforms of iOS as well as android. This famous application was first developed by the three

students of Stanford University. Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown developed

this app for the users to record videos, take photos, drawings and text and to send them to the

controlled and restricted number of recipients. These sent videos and photographs are known as

Snaps. A user can put a time limit on a snap so that after that given time period the snap will be

disappear from the recipients’ device as well as from the Snapchat server.

A short history of the development of the app

Snapchat was first developed in July 2011 under the name Picaboo which later was renamed

and re lunched under the name Snapchat. The mascot of this app was derived by Mr. Brown

and is called as Ghostface Chillah. At starting Snapchat was lunched only for the iOS platform,

later on November 2012 the same application lunched for the android platform also to increase

its popularity.

In June 2013 “Snapkidz” was developed only for the users under the age group of thirteen.

Using this app they can take photos, videos, can draw on them, but those snaps cannot be sent

to other recipients’ device. This app is full of lots of features and specially designed for the

modern users. The users can take the screen shot of the snaps during the viewing period of

snaps. Using the “Snapchat Stories” users can create the links of shared contents to view for an

unlimited number of times over a twenty four hour time period. “SnapCash” feature lunched

for the users to avail the money transfer facility to their friends over a secured way via this

application. It also introduced “Discover” feature to consume text and video items from various

editorial teams and also updated “Best Friend” feature with attractive emoji icons.

app for snapchat screenshot -app that saves all snapchats photos
app for snapchat screenshot -app that saves all snapchats photos

How the leak affected it’s market

Snapchat is paying ex-apple executive Scott Forstall 0.11 percent to be an advisor. Yes, the

breaking news as per a leaked email from Sony pictures hack indicates that Snapchat set aside

0.11 percent of its stock for the former Apple head of iOS Scott Forstall to be an advisor. The

email of one of the board members of the Snapchat as well as the Sony Pictures’ CEO, Michael

Lynton was hacked by the hackers during the protest of the interview this sensitive information

of the Snapchat came into light. When it was asked about the company’s relationship with the

former apple executive Snapchat did not deny the connection. Rather it was told that they have

connections to a number of advisors. But Snapchat didn’t agree to comment on the specifics of

their relationship with the company. In February 2014, a number of key employees were

granted stock options from the world famous photos messaging software Snapchat. For

example, former VP of engineering Peter Magnusson who was poached from Google was

slated 0.5 percent of Snapchat. Besides that, several software developers were granted up to

0.022 percent. But Forstall has broken all these records by getting 0.11 percent which means

that the stake would be worth $16.5 million if he can complete his vesting schedule judging by

the $15 billion valuation of Snapchat.

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