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Snapchat is a mobile application. It can be downloaded to android phone or i-phone. Through this

app users can send or receive photos, captions and videos to and from other persons. Photographs

and videos sent to the recipients are called as Snaps. Recipients can view the snaps that sent by the

user for some time limit period and after some time these snaps will be hidden from the recipients’

drives and from Snapchat server also. The positive side is that it does not share the user’s personal

information or email address. Recipients must maintain the touch screen drive.

The first launch of snapchat

Snapchat application developed by Evan Spiegel and it was first lunched in July 2011 in the name of

Picaboo. Twenty five images were sent per second in 2012 and after that twenty billion images per

day were sent in November 2012. In February 2013, Snapchat had sixty million users and thirty

million are active monthly users. But among them seventy percent users are female. After that four

hundred million captions are sent through it. It was re lunched on the android platform in July 2013.
Anyone Wanna DrinkAnyone Wanna Drink

The introduction of snapkidz and other additions

In June 2013 snapchat introduced “Snapkidz”. Users under thirteen years of age can register in it.

Through this app they can take snaps, draw and save them on local drives. But this feature does not

support sending or receiving snaps or adding friends.

In May 2014 it announced the updated feature that is video chatting and text messaging. In

November 2014 it lunched paid advertisement for twenty seconds movie trailer of film Ouija.

Snapchat now introduced “Snapchat Stories”. After adding a snap to the story it lives for twenty four

hours after which it will disappear. The story can be played forward. It never ends and always

changing. If the story ends today it will again begin tomorrow and will also show the every viewer’s

list. At first user will create account before using it. So at first download app, enter the details and

create the account then add the recipient’s name. It can be edited, easy to learn. Through it people

can work on the same document from different location of the world.

Snapcash came next

In the year 2014 snapchat introduced a feature called as “SnapCash”. It helps the users to send

money to their friends via this app. It will allow the user to enter the debit card payment details

securely. This app will deliver a message to the recipient about the amount debited directly from the

user’s account.

Another feature of Snapchat is “Discover” which enables the users to consume text and video

contents from different editorial teams. It has also updated the “Best Friend” app with colorful and

attractive emoji icons.

The concerns

Now a day concern has been raised about the sending of nude or sexually explicit contents and

pornography. It is found after a survey that most of the Snapchat users are under the age of eighteen

and so a question over the technical facilitation of child pornography distribution has been raised.

According to a study of a firm named Survala, mobile phone users are more likely to be used MMS

rather than Snapchat for sexting. According to the experts usage of internet is exposing young

children to nudity and pornographic images at an early age than the past.

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