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Snapchat is the most simple and easy to use app. Founded by a couple of students of the Stanford

University as a final year project, this app has taken the world by a storm. It helps you to send

snaps and videos to any number of members any instant. It even gives them a glimpse of the fun

that you are having. The best thing about Snapchat is that the videos and snaps send through its

server gets deleted within ten seconds after viewing from the recipient’s device and then gets

deleted from the company’s server. This helps us to save on our memory storage capacity.

Another very interesting feature of this application is the replay feature.

The replay feature of Snapchat allows the recipients to view the received snaps and videos

unlimited times over period of 24 hours. This was a very much wanted feature as sometimes the

videos would get deleted even before the recipients watched it properly or could have understood

it properly. It is very helpful to send any office presentation to a member who had missed a very

important meeting.
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Adding Friends On Snapcaht From The Contact List:-

This is the most simple thing to do. When you have downloaded the latest version of the

Snapchat application install it properly in your cell phones. After installing it in your devices,

create an account for yourself. Give in the necessary details and your contact number, and they

will give you a registered email address and a user names. When you have got all these essential

requirements let the Snapchat applications scan your phone’s contact list. When it has finished

scanning it would give you a list of all your friends who have a Snapchat connection click on the

ones you want to add. Afterwards a purple mark will appear showing that you added all these

members as your friend.

Adding Friends By Their Usernames:-

Firstly go to the My Friends screen this can be done by swiping the phone’s screen once the

camera screen pops up, when you open the application. Then tap on the icon which looks like a

magnifying glass. When you click it a textbox will open. Type your friend’s username in the text

box. Make sure you type the spelling correctly, then click on the “OK” button or the magnifying

glass whichever comes in your phone, to start the search. But the most important thing is that

you must know your friends user names. Because typing their real names and their contact

numbers won’t be of any help. Confirm from your friends what their usernames are before

adding them by this method. When Sanpchat finds your friends his name will appear in your

screen click on the “+”sign besides the person names to add him or her. Then a mark will appear

to show you that you are now friends with that person. Now if you haven’t typed any name in the

search box then a few moments later a list will appear showing all those persons who have added

you as their friend. Click on the plus sign besides their name to confirm your friendship with


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