Angie said Snapchat doesnt have security issue and all fixed

Video sharing- the coolest feature of Snapchat

There is no two way about it that the video sharing feature of Snapchat is where the moolah

come. And now with Snapchat Stories that allow the users to watch a video for 24 – hours – this

new feature can fulfill the long time complain that the contents of Snapchat are too short-lived.
Angie Said Snapchat Doesnt Have Security Issue And All FixedAngie Said Snapchat Doesnt Have Security Issue And All Fixed

But first of all, knowing the demographics of users help

Snapchat doesn’t have any mean to know the user-base’s demographics, but in order to attract

the mass marketers; the very first step should be knowing the ins and outs of the demographics.

Right now, there is no scope of mass advertising through Snapchat.

For a brand to connect with a Snapchat user, it needs to know the handle of the user, then send

him/her a friend request and once the person accepts the friend request, the advertiser can send

him/her the video snaps.

It’s almost impossible to send the mass video to a large number of users without upsetting them.

Few prototypes about how Snapchat may mint money

• By buying ad space, an advertiser can show a quick, engaging 10-second video snap to

the user before he actually sees his own snap.

• Personalized services for which users will want to spend money such as- elite handling

status, interesting stickers and emoticons, filters to name a few.

• Incorporating location specific services that will attract major marketers.


Snapchat has the uniqueness to be a mobile and social platform at the same time. With specific

strategies, Snapchat is going to be the next best thing in digital space.

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