anahi-An Over View about the Adultery in Snapchat

Snapchat is among the top social networking apps in this world. In fact the popularity of the app

is getting increased day by day. Millions of people are engage in sharing pictures and videos in

this app. But from its origin the app has been centered with numerous scandals. The app is meant

for picture sharing mainly. People can share their picture and videos with the friends through

this app. The objects those get shared in this app are called the snaps. One needs to choose a time

for their pictures. The users can select the time anywhere between 1 and 10 seconds. The

receiver of the snap can then view the picture for those few seconds only, after which the snap

will be disappeared automatically from the device. Nobody can store those pictures or videos.

Misuse of Snapchat

Millions of users are engage in this app. Many users also share explicit pictures in this app. Some

share nude photographs, and videos. Some also share naked pictures of themselves. Many users

share love pictures with the friends through this site for social networking. But Snapchat does

not allow this sexting in this app. Some users take this app for bad use. And for that the Snapchat

hackers get insisted. They are now succeeded in hacking the private pictures and snaps of this

app. And for that the privacy of the millions of the Snapchat users gets disclosed. Some users

also take the screenshots of the Snapchat pictures. One can get various third party apps in the

market those allow the users to take screenshots of the Snapchat pictures. And thus the Snapchat

pictures are getting stored.
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The increasing popularity and value of Snapchat

The popularity of the app is getting increased day by day and for that the valuation if thee app is

also getting increased. The present value of the total Snapchat app is more $19 billion. This

amount is quite astonishing for a new social networking app like Snapchat. The other apps may

be jealous by observing this increasing prosperity of the app. In fact this quick prosperity of the

app is unbelievable. The popularity of the app is also getting increased day by day. The number

of total Snapchat users is 27 million in this year, which was 14 million in the last year. The total

numbers of snaps those get shared every day are more than 500 million.

The Snapchat users are now afraid about their privacy in this app. Most of the users do not think

this app as secure as the privacy of the users is getting disclosed. Snapchat authority has accuses

many third party apps for allowing the users to take screenshots. Snapchat is saying that the

private pictures of the Snapchat users are getting leaked only by those third party apps. They

have said to tighten their security also. But the users need to be more responsible for sharing

objects in this social networking app. One should not forget that this is a social networking app.

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