Am I good enough? – Snapchat has taken a bold step

Evan Spiegel is encashing on the app snapchat. He is the founder of the application and he is

the present CEO of the company. We can say that he is undoubtedly successful in making his

creation a life time achievement. He is not the only founder of the application. He made it

possible by the help of his friends. They were then just university students and they made it as

their project. And now we all can see what has become of their effort. It is always a pleasure for

all to use the application when be alone and missing friends a lot.
Looking for attention

Some points to notice:

This amazing app has brought smile to so many people’s face. It has earned so great a number of

blessings and garnered so positive reviews that now this app is showing courage to bring new

features in its app. Most of the features are already very popular and they do not need to be

publicized. But there are some as well that have not seen the day light yet. And those features are


– The app is going to introduce a new feature on the app and according to the report it is

going to be a feature where you can edit the picture and then send them to the desirable


– You can edit your videos and send them over to your desirable recipients.

– You can make now edit texts and make your pictures and other stuffs more attractive

towards your recipient and they can understand your emotions even better.

A bold step taken by the company members:

We have come to here that the CEO has set up different meetings with different media houses as

to make the app interesting and more dedicated to its users worldwide. Users have said that they

are greatly satisfied with the performance of the app. And in keeping the issue of satisfaction in

mind, the team of snapchat is trying to bring more features and this time they are on their way to

sign up a stipulation with different media companies across the world. A secret source has said

or more specifically they have confirmed with affirmation that the CEO of the company is going

to sign up a bigger deal in coming days and this will make the company thrive on success.

A concluding note:

As per the news, the rumor is making its round that the company will soon launch their new

features and it will make the application more appealing to everyone in the network of the users.

The more features will be added to the application the more it will be beneficial for the company.

We are hoping so that the company will make more profits day by day. And it is the belief and

sincere faith of the users and they have their loyalty for the app and so it can be said with

certainty that the app will one day become more successful and more entertaining.

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