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Hackers have posted the details of users with specific filenames

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps that provide the privilege to send photos,

videos and instant messages with a stipulated time of maximum 10 seconds to the people using

the app or with the specific friend’s circle. After stipulated time the friend circle or any user of

the app will not be able to see pictures, videos and instant messages, because snaps will vanish

into the original server of the app. But recently the app is in news with a tagline of Snapchat

leaked, because the filenames with send photos, videos and messages are now leaked on the

specific website by the hackers.

This news has raised the eye brows of many of its users, because their personal details like phone

number, email can all be hacked with this. Above that the users are also is dire straits that their

personal photos, messages or videos that are called snap may be tracked by all the people of the

world with a mere click.

Filenames leaked

The hackers has hacked all the information from the original server of the app, as suggested in

by the official sources, because the hackers have uploaded the apps with specific file names of

individuals with all the personal details and snaps.

When the app started its journey, this vanishing feature of the snaps was their USP. But now

the authority of the apps is putting the blame on the users, who are prone to using the third part

apps like the Snapspy, Snaphack. These apps are one of the main reasons behind the cause of this

huge hacking, which puts all its users in dire straits.

Usage of third party apps

All the applications, softwares and plugins are designed to make the device more customized for

the user. But some of the users of Snap chat without even without knowing download the third

party apps, which provide them in appropriate facilities, and result in hacking.

People all over the world have to be careful about all the specification of the app before

downloading the app; otherwise it may lead a security lapse like it has happened in case of


Snapchat’s popularity

Snapchat is one of the apps that has withstood the entire recent allegations of security lapse,

but it popularity has not been affected a single bit. Only reason behind this is, the people do not

want to lose out such a useful feature oriented app. And the users also know that, if they are strict

enough they can prevent the misuse and also the security lapse of the app.

To sum up

The main target audiences of the social media apps are youth, and Snap chat is no different. So,

the features tally is also accordingly designed. But recently with the use of the third party apps

by some of the users has lead to stepping stone for the hacking of all the private information of

all the users.

Any people won’t like to have the personal details posted with all the messages or snaps. But

with the use of the third party apps, the hackers have made this a real truth.

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