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In this glorified journey of this app, it came across various challenges. Few of them are

mentioned here.
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Controversy of use for Sexting:

Many even came up with their verdict that this app was being used for sexting, or in other

words, to exchange implicit pictures, and is damaging the balance of society. Assumable, people

thought of this because this app is very much popular amongst the teenagers. However, a study

revealed that people who exchange implicit pictures prefers MMS services of any app.

Data and privacy controversy:

A rumor was spread that though the company claims that the picture or data is deleted from the

server forever, it is still stored. To this, the company clarified with a written notice that it stores

no data or pictures. Any pic that is not seen by the recipient stays only for 30 days in the server.

Even after so many controversies, the essence of the app reached the users, who are using it

widely all over the globe.

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