after show-How Is Snapchat Different From YouTube and Facebook

Snapchat is the new revolutionary thing that has been buzzing among the people. The app snap

chat is being quiet different in the services they are providing. It is a lot different from the social

networking sites like Facebook. But somewhere the services match to some extent.


The Facebook offers the users to remain connected with their friends and closed ones by

adding friends. Pictures can be posted in the timeline of each profile holder. The viewing of

the photo can be customized. The photo can be shared in the public, a group of friends, all

friends restricting some of them and some photos are only for personal viewing. The personal

information can also be provided and the sharing of it remains in the discreet of individuals.

There are chatting options through which text, photos files can be sent to one another. The chat is

possible between two users or a group of users. The News feds covers news and updates of your

friends which can be liked by the user. The user can even comment if there is no restriction from

the other party. Facebook offers everything that a social network platform requires.


This is the video sharing site that has almost every video you want to see. Movies, serials, ads

and everything that has appeared motion is available in YouTube. The users can see the video

without signing in. Some of the videos that have concern of restricted viewing needs the id to log

in and then you will be allowed to see the video. Anyone having an id can even upload the video

to get it published in YouTube. The videos can be liked or unliked by the viewers. Comments

can also be provided under each video. For like, disliking and commenting the user has to sign in

to the account of YouTube.




Unlike Facebook and YouTube this is the photo sharing app that gives the opportunity to share

photos and videos among friends fast. The uniqueness of the app is that the photos and videos

that are being shared by the app are deleted after a while form the mobile of the reviver. The

app allows sending photos to your contact list by giving a time limit. The maximum time that

you can set is 10 seconds. You can even add caption to the photos of you want to. The photo

after being send to the receiver will remain in the list till it is not opened. The photo can only be

viewed for 10 seconds. The receiver needs to tap and hold the photos to continue seeing it. After

the stipulated time, the snap will get automatically vanished. This is to maintain the privacy of

individuals and to assure that the photo that is being shared is not used further for any purposes.

Thus the app Snap chat is securing high popularity among the public for its importance on

privacy. People are using the app to share their funny selfies and photos that are only for viewing

and not for storing.

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