Controversy behind the invention of SnapChat-adult boratswife snapchat pictures

It’s the story of claiming a piece of the cake when it has already been baked well and good.

When SnapChat has already been established as a messaging app, that is next in line, after apps

like WhatsApp and WeChat to take the world of social networking by a storm, it seems like it

is being targeted by a new controversy every other day. This time it is about a fallout between

three best friends, two of whom currently own the entire rights of the messaging app and the

other one is left behind without getting even a taste of the fruit of the tree which he allegedly

helped planting. Reggie Brown, a friend and roommate of Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel, the

present co-founders of SnapChat. Even though Brown is determined on the fact that he had a

huge hand in inventing the idea of the messaging app, the matter of proving the authenticity of

this information is very doubtful indeed.
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Brown’s contribution

The founding partners of the messaging app have made clear to the media that the lawsuit filed

against them and their company is baseless, for Brown’s co-called-idea cannot even be called

the foundation on which their company has been built for their company deals with an app that

turned out to be something completely different from what Brown claims his initial idea was.

Apart from that, according to a reliable source, even though all three of them started working on

developing the idea into an actual application, Brown had very little input in the entire process

after voicing his initial idea. While Spiegal worked tirelessly to perfect the design and Murphy

put his coding skills to good use; all Brown did after a while was party and enjoy himself.

However, Brown has defended himself on this front claiming that he did give help out when it

came to marketing of the company.

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