adroid apps in andriod market is the app for snapchat -also in app storeWays of saving Snaps of Snapchat-

“Self destructive message” this whole new concept was brought into the market by Snapchat,

those snaps which are sent through it automatically destructs from the recipients’ device after the

predetermined time is over. There is no way available to save the snaps like other social media

app, only one easiest way is available that is to capture a screenshot of the image. You can take

the screenshot in the regular process; the ways of taking snapshot for different operating systems

are different. If you are not aware of the process then you can search for the process in the

internet or in the user guide book that comes with the device. But if someone tried to take a

screenshot of the received message the app will be forced to notify this to the sender that means

your friend will come to know if you try to take a screenshot of his sent images. Hence this

cannot be considered as a proper, viable idea and you must prevent yourself from doing so.

Third part apps claim to be effective in saving Snaps, but are they completely secure?

There is another possible way to save the snaps in your device, you can save those received

images through the help of third party app, but using those apps are not safe always as few of

them were suspected for leaking the images of the Snapchat users before. As Snapchat is

hugely used for sexting or sending provoking messages that’s why you can assume the disaster

that had taken place after the leakage of Snapchat images. Yes, the developers of the app

suspected that those third party apps have leaked those self destructible images. As Snapchat

have previously faced such awkward incident, hence it is an important piece of advice not to

share any provoking, private, improper message through it.

adroid apps in andriod market is the app for snapchat -also in app store
adroid apps in andriod market is the app for snapchat -also in app store

Snapchat update its version regularly to prelude the attack of hackers

If you download the third party app then this will be completely your responsibility and you

cannot blame Snapchat for any future blunder, as told by the spokesperson of this app. In spite

of being warned you can install any app that promises to save the received image, but you must

know that Snapchat always updates their version to prevent any technical calamity, hence those

apps which can break through the security today may not work after a month. Hence still now

there is no permanent way is invented for saving those ephemeral messages or to restore them


Hence if you are Snapchat lover, then try to use it in ethical ways, by breaking the inscribed

rules of the developers you can bring your own bad luck and leaking pictures and videos in

internet means dreadful experience that may haunt you. Hence be safe and secure while using

internet and also warn and prevent your dear ones from attempting such improper internet

activities. Your safety and reputation is in your hand, for a single moment’s fun do not be call

upon future disaster.

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