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The app everyone talks about

The mobile app named Snapchat was founded in 2011. This app has millions of users today,

mostly teens and young adults. The app has become so popular because of the unique features

it offers to its users. The self- destructing nature of the contents shared made it a rage with

the users. A sender can allot a 1- 10 second time frame in which the content will disappear

from the screen of the receiver. Snapchat also gives its users a very cosy and easy interface to

communicate with their loved ones. Snapchat gained so much popularity that internet giant

Facebook came up with a $3 billion offer for a takeover. The story of this app has been rosy.

The stories

Snapchat has recently introduced news feed and they decided to call it stories. The latest version

of this app is perhaps one of the major changes it brought since its inception. According to the

founder Evan Spiegel, the concept of his team’s latest introduction is going to take his app into

the stratosphere. However, unlike the photo contents, stories have a life span of 24 hours. It

can also be viewed multiple times by the receiver with the 24 hour time span. A user can create

his/her own story by tapping on “My Stories” option in the app and then send it to your friends

and loved ones. A user can add more snaps in a story created and the storyline increases. In the

end, it becomes a series of photographs that tell a story. It is a very interesting feature because

a single photograph can tell many stories that you want to communicate. Stories allow your

message multiple dimensions and the communication is not monogamous.

The introduction of stories has brought Snapchat closer to Facebook. Now a friend can view

your updates just like it is with Facebook wherein the timeline and profile tells a story about a

user. However this feature is kept passive so that only those can see your story that you desire.

There is a circular thumbnail that appears beside your name and it showcases the latest story.

Tapping the name immediately shows a slide of all the snaps taken in a day.

Commercialising the concept

Stories are a new concept which the users are still exploring. The feature is designed very nicely

to keep it simple and interesting. This concept can be used by marketing companies to showcase

their products and services. Till date, there hasn’t been any such move, but the potential looks

mouth watering for the marketing companies as well as Snapchat. The app has 80% users who

are either teens or young adults. This gives the marketing companies a heaven to showcase

their products. This move is also seen as money making option for Snapchat. However, the

introduction of ads may affect the user who till date has been using the app without any outside


A careful and discreet approach can make stories a roaring success for Snapchat. Currently,

the founders are interested to introduce stories for artists and celebrities to showcase their talent

through Stories. With such moves, Snapchat will create a new trend in communication.

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