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Snapchat is a mobile app which was founded by students of University of Stanford in 2011.

Today after just three years since its launch, the app is found in mobiles in almost all the

teens and young adults. The company has tasted tremendous success. Today it boasts of

millions of users. It was also found at 70% of the app users are women. Everyday millions

of snaps are shared through Snapchat. The app has a very user friendly interface and is

absolutely free. The app makers also promise a safe and secure environment for their users

to share and communicate with their loved ones. The app offers are very direct way of

communication, just like it is meant to be. One of the main reasons for the success and

popularity of this app is the self- destructing nature of the contents.

The crux

A user can send a photo or a video to his friends and can allot a time frame of 1- 10 seconds

within which the content disappears from the recipient’s device. This feature is unique and

soon people realised that they can share almost anything with others without having the fear

of any repercussions as the content would disappear in a jiffy. This is why perhaps we have

so many young users of this app. In fact, the contents were verified to be mostly inappropriate

when Snapchat servers were leaked.

The ephemeral nature of the content was the brain child of the ousted founder of Snapchat

named Reggie Brown. Like Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegal, he too was a student of

Stanford in California. Brown claims that the self- destructing nature of the contents was his

idea and that he proposed to introduce the feature in the app.

The Lawsuit

Just like the lawsuit happened with Facebook, the founders of Snapchat too had to undergo a

complex lawsuit filed by Brown. He claimed 1/3 stake in the company. The lawsuit was filed

in February 2013 and dragged on for a year. Finally the lawsuit was settled but the terms of

settlement is undisclosed. The issue was settled on mutually agreeable terms. Brown claimed

that he was harshly pushed out of the company. On the other side, both Bobby Murphy and

Evan Spiegel claimed in their testimony that Reggie Brown was not a part of the company

which has a valuation of worth $ 10 Billion. The lawsuit became so famous that it quickly

received comparisons with the Facebook lawsuit. Incidentally Sanapchat did receive a

lucrative $3 billion takeover bid from Facebook.

Apart from contesting the lawsuit, the app makes also had to face the wrath of the hackers.

It was found out that the picture and contents shared through the app actually remained

somewhere in their servers. Weak security allowed hackers to post millions of snaps- most

of which were inappropriate. A second wave of hack happened, this time the target was

information of the users like their passwords and contact details. The founders have faced

each challenge front on. They have decided to stick with their creation and take it to the next

level. With such leaders, Snapchat will touch the stratosphere soon.

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