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Snapchat joining hands in the pledge maintaining the ecosystem

Like all other people, youth too is running on a podium which is fast. So, the social medium –

a platform of youth delight also has to keep up with the trend. And Snap chat is one such app

which is fast and mainly popular among the younger generation. Moreover, another stricking

point of this generation is that they are very selective and wants everything under one head.

Keeping that in mind Snapchat’s new discovery feature is coming up, which is said to provide

important news element, entertainment news and much more for its users.

Media or specifically the news media being called the fourth estate of the democracy so, it is sure

that the importance of news will never fade away. But to the youth e-paper is more worthy than

newspaper, and with this digitization of the news, it is also broadening its margin of viewership

to a great extent.

Benefits of news provided in the Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps, which is very fast. But its latest

discovery has incorporated news elements into it. And rumors is spread that the app is having

talks with 10-12 media giants to provide their information.

This digitization of the news is a great concept, and because the raw material of the paper is

the trees, which are integral part of our nature, from that angle this digitization of news is a

revolutionary concept. The other benefits of news digitization are:

• You can check the news on the go as well.

• News can make people aware, but the newspapers are available at the specific time of

the day. So getting the news of geographical proximity may make you aware at that very

moment, which is not provided by the newspaper.

• And this digitization will save trees, and with it save the ecosystem as well.

• Digitization make news looks very prominent.

To sum up

Snapchat is a one of the best renowned social media apps which spreads pictures, videos and

messages within a stipulated time (minimum of 10 seconds) to definite circle friends. Like

all other social media apps, the snapchat is too upgrading its features tally. And its recent

innovation came with rumors, when the discovery feature of the app was incorporated in the

features tally, which will provide trailer of the films, news in snippets and many more.

With the digitization of the news in one of the latest social media app, it is clear that the people

will definitely like the concept. And youth being the target audience of these types of social

media apps, it is clear that they will definitely like to get educated with the news on the go as

well. And news is something which can be used to make people aware of the present situation

also. But the youth don’t have the time to read the read on the news paper. Apart from that with

the digitization of the news paper will be saved, which will ultimately have a good effect on the

ecosystem also.

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