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As explained in recent news, published in Business Insider, Snapchat is now dominating the

world of instant messaging applications and preferring by the people over Google and Facebook.

In UK, Snapchat is used for sharing 75% of the instant messages, as told by the CEO of

Vodafone, Digital Trends first showed the stat and they first noticed this fact in that articulated

stat. Vittorio Colao, the chief of Vodafone was simply mesmerized by the news. He stated that

he hardly believed his ears when he heard the news first from UK office and after that he was

literary thrilled to observe the success rate of Snapchat. He cannot help but admiring the

strategies of Evan Spiegel. In account to the entire instant messaging app, Snapchat grabs most

of the traffic. That suggests different ways of communication and upload is actually inspiring a

lot of usage. That’s why the Vodafone Chief was convinced that their recent strategy of bundling

video and mobile is simply going right.
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Reason behind the growth of Snapchat

Several reasons may play vital role behind the success of Snapchat, one of the prime reason

behind it is Snapchat’s users are sharing and using much more data in comparison to the other

competitors. Snapchat allows its users to send data-heavy photos and videos. In comparison to

Facebook and Whatsapp, Snapchat have less numbers of users but they are far more active and

engaged with the app. While Snapchat have 200 million users, Facebook is ruling the social

media with 600 million users and WhatsApp is here leading the market with 800 million users.

Despite of having much more users than Snapchat the other leading social media apps are far

more behind in comparison to Snapchat when it comes to data usage. That means the success of

Snapchat depends mostly upon its actively engaged users.

Data consumption of Snapchat has augment after the launch of Discover section

In the month of January, Snapchat introduced its “Discover” segment, where Media associates

like Comedy Central and Vice share photos and videos, fabricated to stay on the app for 24 hours

prior disappearing. A statistics published in TechCrunch stated that, in the month of March, 2015

the average data usage of Snapchat’s users has elevated from 100-150 megabytes to 400

megabytes per week after the launch of “Discover”. Hence it can be said that another vital

players that actively plays role in the success of Snapchat is “Discover”. In the past six months

the average data consumption of Snapchat has raised up to 260%. While, primarily, heavy data

usage from customers outlays mobile carriers to spend in the development of infrastructure to

support it, over the long-term it can increase the standard revenue they earned from each of their

customer, as explained from Vodafone.

And with the continual grow of mobile usage; Vodafone is hoping to upgrade more number of

consumers to faster, more costly 4G data plans. A cohort data states that the greater part of

Snapchat users are aged between 18 to 34 and this has made it an ideal platform to sell


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