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Videographic representation of Locos Taco advertised by Snapchat

Advertising is see a new genre, after the repercussions it has shown it has shown around all the

social media formats, and Snapchat is no different. Snapchat’s USP are the disappearing feature

of the Snaps that are being sent by the friends, but recently this app has also stepped in the world

of advertisement also.

The Doritos Locos Taco is the company which in the past has used Snap chat as a medium

for advertisement, with a message of a few seconds which would disappear after the message

is being viewed by the people. Apart from the advertisement is the social media platform like

the Snapchat, Locos Taco has panned its advertisements in other popular mass communication

mediums like TV, Radio and etc.

Advertisement of food

Doritos Locos Taco is a brand that makes a mouthful of modern spicy chicken preparations and

many other items. Some days back it was a messaging advertisement that they had made for

Snapchat, like the app’s feature, the message too disappeared after it was being viewed by the

people. But recently it has moved into format the phase of advertising also with Snap chat again,

with a lengthy video graphical advertisement.

Taco launched a movie by the name of “Rush Orders” that has been scripted for the format of

Snapchat and other related social media formats specifically. It can be concluded that with the

success of the past advertisement of Doritos, the company has come up to this format once again

to attain a more success rate.

Food updates on the go

Food is something that sets your mood, and people often miss the places to have good food due

to their busy schedule of work. Social media is something has been turning into a dominant

medium for popularity rising of a business, so if you get the updates of good food in the form of

advertisement on the social media, it will definitely be beneficial for people. And Snapchat is

one of the most popular social media platforms that have collaborated with the Doritos to make

one of the beneficial podiums for socializing and recently it is also having a food update in the

form of advertisement.

To sum up

Snapchat is one of the most talked about social media apps of the generations. It is in

news today for all the wrong reasons like the security lapse, usage of third party apps, and

people prone to using the app in an inappropriate ways. But over the years with all the above

allegations, the usage of application has never diminished. That is the only reason why big

companies are looking to use this huge fan base of the app, for promoting their products or


One such company like the Doritos, that has came with an advertisement in the form of a video

graphical representation. Previously too, the Doritos was associated with the advertisement deal

with Snapchat in the form message which will disappear after the message was being viewed,

but this time they came up with a video graphical representation.

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