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Life would not be easy without friends and in today’s busy life one of the easiest ways to stay

connected with the friends is Snapchat, this ephemeral messaging app allows its users to send

photos and videos which are automatically destroyed by the app after a predetermined time.

Especially the youngsters of this era are involved with this instant messaging app as it offers the

users several attractive features that compel the users to always stay engaged to this app. Each of

the features excels each other in term of uniqueness and some of the features also encourage the

youngsters to show their creativity and talent. Moreover it has grown to be a popular house of

selling products and services’ endorsements. People aged from 13-34 are generally shown

interest towards the app hence it has become the favorite advertising media for the brands that

are engaged in selling the essential and luxurious products of young people.
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Investors are taking interest to this startup, is it justifiable?

If we go by the reports of Bloomberg then Snapchat has raised around $537 million after selling

common stocks, it simply suggest that investors are actually getting into this digital application.

The news source has also reported that Snapchat has become the entertainment and media

organization, rather than being just an instant messaging app and this is enough to justify why

people are so much interested about it and why investors are insanely investing upon it.

According to the experts, they do not found any sign of imprudent decisions in it, as it is

expected soon Snapchat will turn into the next Facebook that will show the world new ways of

advertising and selling products.

All-encompassing features

While marketers and investors are busy in making most of the use of the app, the youngsters are

busy in coloring their life with the features of this app. Its all-encompassing features are equally

suitable for the marketers and the general users who use the app just for fun and to stay

communicated to the friends and family. And in between this with the help of the Discover

features the users can stay up-to-date about the latest programs of several renowned media

channels, they promote their programs through this app. Someone has rightly said it will be

MTV of future world in the term of entertainment and on the other hand it will also grow to be

the Viacom.

No matter whatever the issue is, Snapchat always stay into the news

Recently the app has become the victims of text message bug, this bug has harmed millions

iPhone users and the app’s iOS text message forces the smart phones to crash. If the users open

the text message then it obliges the Messaging app to crash and in some cases reboots the device

automatically. And the more severing part is that some of the users has reported that the bug

cannot be omitted or deleted, but thankfully Apple has worked upon the software update to

resolve this bug.

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