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Top Snapchat Stories and why the app should tighten security

Snapchat is inarguably posing a tough competition to Facebook, Twitter and other social

networking sites since its inception in 2011. Though the adults are still baffled about the

growing popularity of Snapchat among teenagers of 13-17 years, it’s the ephemeral nature of

Snapchat images which caught the attention of the youngsters. But despite the expanding fan-
base of Snapchat and its updated features, there still seems some security laxity on behalf of the


Snapchat’s credibility put to question when in 2013, Snapchat was hacked for the first time by an

anonymous group, which leaked the personal data such as contact details, and mail id of millions

of users, and posted them online. This Snapchat leak caused media uproar when the security

measures of the photo-messaging app were heavily criticized. The second time, Snapchat leak

took place in October in 2014 when the personal photos of approx 100k users were leaked via a

group of hackers called 4chan and increased the threat of child pornography in United States of


Why Snapchat authority has been at the receiving end of media backlash?

When the first Snapchat leak happened, a security firm in Australia called Gibson Security had

revealed that several times, it had pointed out the security loopholes of Snapchat in the form of

third party applications and notified the company. But the internet sensation during those times

never paid any heed to it. So when the tech fraternity got to know about the hacking of personal

information of snapchat users; it critiqued heavily the think-tanks behind the photo-messaging

app over their negligence.

On the other hand, when in October 2014, the app was the target of the hackers’ group 4chan

which leaked the private images of millions of users and posted them in a third party server;

the integrity of the company again came under scrutiny. This time, the main bone of contention

for the analysts was- how come the photos of users which are apparently get deleted within few

seconds of sending, could re-appear?

The USP of Snapchat lies in the temporality of its snaps, so when one fine morning, the users aw

their private snaps (a percentage of them are nude in nature) got posted in online; obviously their

faith on their beloved platform among the other social networking sites was bound to shake.

The best of Snapchat Stories and how they can also be vulnerable in front of hackers

The unique addition of Snapchat stories undoubtedly lifted the attraction of the app much higher.

So far, the various compilations of best Snapchat stories have been published in fan-forums. The

top 10 that are currently ruling the Snapchat forum are-

1. A trilogy

2. I don’t want fame

3. There’s an orange in the pool

4. Attack on happy meal

5. All these games

6. Deep thoughts

7. Hey Edgar

8. Chess is fun

9. Bae

10. Family time

But as the threat of hacking of Snapchat is still looming large, it’s no wonder if in near future;

Snapchat Stories are also leaked in third party application by hackers.

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