Add me on sc – The Reason to Use Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular android video messaging applications. It was

discovered by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown and the Stanford

University’s student and released on 2011. We can take and send photos, videos,

texts, drawings to another snapchat friend. Users can control which snaps should be

explored and which should be delete from snapchat’s server.

Snapchat has lot of features. The recipients can control contacts. They can take

screen shots of recieving snaps then the sending user will be notified. If users use

another phone camera or disable the function they will not get the notification. With

My Story feature users can create own video and also can send their friends. Users

can send text messages to their snapchat friends. Not only that, user can video

chatted also. User can send money to their snapchat friends using snapcash. Users

can share their debit card payment securely and a dollar amount will be deposited

directly to the recipients account. User can consume text and videos with many

editorial team and also enjoy a lots of emoji icon. Snapchat updated their privacy

policy in 2014.
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1. Healthcare marketers can make a strong relationship with their patients. They can

send social but private messages to their petients by using email, facebook and


2. User can add text to photos.

3. Users can talk to their snapchat friends via snapchat android application.

4. Recipients can see the recieved snaps under the set time.

5. When a recipient take a screen shot o a recieved snap then the snapchat server

send a notification to the sender user directly.

6. Uset can do video chat.

7. Uset can send money to their snapchat friends.

8. User can send text messages to their snapchat friends.

9. Uset can enjoy a lots of emoji icon in text messages.


1. User cannot save snaps directly via snapchat.

2. Snapchat is a very good way to send messages to friends, family members.

Nowadays it become an addiction.

3. People can send snaps online and can also send self destructing videos or snaps.

User can do sex chat also via private chat.

Reason to people use snapchat: – this is one of the fastest application. User can

send immediate snaps, videos to their friends. The buzz of the app is beautifully

designed to connect with friends, family members. You can share snaps or videos on

snapchat. That is not meaning to broadcasting to the world. Your snaps, videos will

be shown to your chisen people only. It is totally personal. This app is faster than

other app like instagram. This app is the fastest way for sharing moments.

Snapchat’s camera is very easy to use. The recipients get a push message when

snaps, videos are shared via snapchat. It has a low friction US combination. For this

user can reduce mental barriers. In a word this is an excellent android application

which is modern and easy to use and obviously easy to connect people each other.

For this the demand of this app is increasing day by day.

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