Add me: lucia_frick-All new snap chat is ready to entertain youngsters with brand new features.

Snap chat the social messaging app with many unique features is all set to entertain youngsters

with all new features. This messaging app is very common among friends and kids to share their

secrets. The secrets shared here are not be revealed amongst anyone. The new generation

messaging app is all set to launch its update with various new and unique features that no other

app has ever tried. This is the biggest update in past two years of the app. This new app is all set

to reach its users this valentine days. So make your day all the more special with various new

features of this app.

New features of the app

 The first and foremost new feature of this app is to send love messages or anonymous

messages to your lover before the occasion with a condition attached that the message

you post opens to them only on specified occasion and not before that. This helps the

forgettable lover to impress their beloved with their sweet message delivered on time.

 This app’s new feature however has some conditions attached to it like the images

exchanged between two friends can be viewed by the other only for a specified time after

they receive.

 Time appsule means the message sent can be viewed by user only after elapsment of the

time period mentioned in the message.Not beautiful, just bored so add me ok bye

 Users can choose ample of appsule designs from the app for a special occasion and than

attach content along with photos, videos, notes and invite locations, after that they need

to attach time lock and than finally send the message to their special ones.

 The time lock can be sent for a time period of one day to one year and the receiver had to

patiently wait for the elapsment of that time to enjoy the message they have no other way

out to view the message before the time period.

 One can sent many cheeky or rude pictures to others and let others wait for the day to

have a look at the picture.

 Adults are enjoying the new features of the app and they all are keen to use this time

appsule to sent love pictures and messages to their special ones.

 Another new feature of the app is geo filters means to attach specific location with your

messages. One can enjoy many geo filters with their messages.

 To enable geo filters just go to settings than privacy option than location services and

simply switch on the location services and make sure that individual snap chat is also

switched on by going to settings option in snap chat than manage option and simply

toggle the filters on there. After this enjoy your geo filters with your messages.


To conclude we can say that all new snap chat is going to be very famous among the youngsters

as its new features are very interesting and these new features have the capability to strengthen

the relationships of lovers as they can share any secrets here without letting anyone know about

their secrets. Hence one should definitely try this all the new snap chat app.

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