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Now watch the raw footage of several matches and festivals through SnapChat

Our Story, what is it?

Entertainment has taken a new turn with the advent of Our story, a new feature launched by

the popular app Snapchat. Within a few days of launching the feature has charmed its users.

Its uniqueness is its USP, and within a short span of time it has grabbed the attention of the

people and keeps the users more engaged to the app and undoubtedly it is also helpful in

increasing the number of users. Now the reader must be very curious to know the features of

this Our story.

Until the launch of this latest feature people were depended on sports channel to watch live

show like sport tournament, music festival, and many more. But with the introduction of

the feature now people can watch live show through this app. It is also claimed by Evan

Spigel, CEO of Snap chat that nowadays people are inclining to Snapchat for enjoying

college football match. During an interview in San Francisco he confronted the reporter and

talked about this innovative feature. These video footages are 2 to 3 minutes long; these are

like the highlights of different matches. Most of the people do not have the time to watch

the full match, that’s why they like to watch only the highlights of the matches. And these

video footages exactly serve the purpose; in short you can say it’s a live version of match


At first the feature allowed the users to upload and share pictures and videos of life events

through this free app to the Story or curated collection. And every existing user was able to

see those videos and pictures regardless of the fact whom they follow or in which location

they were at the moment of sharing.

What this feature is magnetizing the users?

After two months of introduction the team of this popular Google app decided to utilize the

platform for showcasing the curated video footages of renowned festivals. They have already

showcased several collages football matches all through the USA and hot air balloon fiesta

in Albuquerque and few more. These little known festivals gaining popularity all over the

world through this user friendly photo sharing app. Most of the popular TV channels never

showcase these regional carnival or matches for international audience. And that’s why

these entertaining events remain under the cloak of ambiguity. Snap Chat is serving like an

international platform to these fiestas and matches. During these events, the users of Snap

chat submit various video footages, which are later examined by the Snap Chat team to

remove the inappropriate videos and images.

According to a VC it is the first and potential user generated mass media the world will ever

see. The team keeps the length of the video short to provide a brief glimpse of the events but

possibly Snapchat will enlarge the length of the footages in the near future. By expanding

features Snapchat is trying to allure the people towards the app.

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