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Brief notification on the news published on Digiday

Digiday has recently published news on Snapchat’s recent activity which revealed that

Snapchat is negotiating with several media houses which also included few major media

channel like Buzzfed, CNN, and ESPN, Vice, National Geographic, The Daily Mail, People

and Cosmopolitan. Vevo and Comedy Central were comprised into this given list. For the

basic information of the reader in short we can say, Digiday is a community as well as media

company for advertising professionals, marketing and digital media. According to them they

only focus upon their quality and not into the quantity and they depend upon honesty not into

Snapchat trying its hand on a new feature

Snapchat always remains into the news due to controversies, and due to those allegations that

aroused against them, but for the last few months it is in the news for few good reasons as

well. Apart from the Discovery section their Our Story feature gains huge public appreciation

for its thriving purpose and for its exclusivity. Through this service they are showcasing

less known festivals and matches to the international audiences which are mostly ignored by

the notable media companies and developers are working hard to make it successful. This

is undoubtedly a great initiative and the developers are trying hard to make it a successful

As per the previous reports this service would be named as “Snapchat Discover” and this

mock-up is named as “Discover.” Discover a latest feature which will be included into

the app and this section would serve its users music, articles and videos which will be

generated by prominent media houses. This information was collected from a person who is

familiar with this project. Spokespersons at Vevo and ESPN have confirmed that they had

a conversation with this app about this new feature “Snapchat Discover.” But all the other

media houses either remained silent or declined to say any words upon the matter. Even the

spokespeople of this app also declined to comment on the topic.

From the house of Digiday it is said that the conversation exemplifies the media distribution

aspiration of Snap chat is really high. And it is quite natural for this app as the developer of

Snapchat dedicated themselves to create still imagery and persuasive videos, the two types

of messages this app trades in. but inspite of that Snap chat also wants to serve audio and

text to its users, which will highlight it as all-encompassing media overwhelming app.

The contents will be removed to carry on their specialty:

According to the source, the service’s contents would comprise of longer stories, all the

contents will disappear sooner or later. The developer of this app also encouraging media

channels to acquire advertisers for the content of Snapchat, for engendering revenue from

which Snapchat will take a slice. More news upon the subject is soon going to be published

as various media communities are discussing upon the topic and also trying to find out the

whole thing related to this new initiative of Snapchat.

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