Add me jalen_stephens1 -Use Snapchat Responsibly as Hackers are Busy with Hacking

Snapchat has proved its popularity by its millions of users. The total users of this app are now

27 million, which was 14 million in the previous year. Mainly the teenage boys and girls use this

social networking app for sharing picture. They share images, videos and messages through this

app. Some also share love pictures, intimate videos with the friends or special ones’. And this

causes the causes the Snapchat leak. Those explicit objects often get hacked by the Snapchat

hackers, and they spread those contents in the internet for money or for some other reasons.

The Snapchat Hack and hackers

The Snapchat hackers are now able to hack the server of the Snapchat app. And for that they

have got the millions of explicit objects of the Snapchat users. Though, the Snapchat authority

has claimed in Twitter that their server was not hacked, some third party apps are responsible for

this. The authority also directly accuses on Snapsave and Snapsaved. Com, but those apps have

denied this accusation. The Snapchat authority says that by those third party apps some users are

able to take screenshots of the Snapchat pictures, and thus the explicit private objects are getting

disclosed. There are some other third party apps like SnapBox, Snapkeep and Snapspy. And

those also allow their users to take screenshots. The hackers have threatened to disclose more

than 200,000 private pictures through The Snapping. Some sources are saying that this time the

Snapping could be more dangerous than The Fappening, which disclosed nude pictures of many

celebrities. The fact is that the server of the Snapchat app has been hacked by the hackers, and

not only one time but also for several times. And thus the hackers are able to get the private

pictures of the users.

Misuse of Snapchat

The main users of the Snapchat are the teenage boys and girls. The United States teens, age

between 13 to 17 years, are the half of the total Snapchat users. Often they share their love

pictures, nude images with their friends, and this insists the hackers the most. The hackers are

succeeded in hacking those explicit pictures, and for that the privacy of the millions of Snapchat

users are getting disclosed.

Snapchat allows everybody to use this app and also to share anything they want. And for that

the users are sharing any pictures they want. But this is not the purpose of the Snapchat app.

There are also some users those take screenshots of the explicit pictures and later spread those

objects in various websites for money or for other reasons. The users need to be more

responsible for using this app; they have to think before sharing their private images. They also

need to choose friend in this app quite responsibly as there are many users those use this app in

evil purpose. The guardians have to be concerned about their children too. The hackers are

engage in hacking the Snapchat pictures, for avoiding the Snapchat leak the users need to be


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