add me in-Snapchat Social Media App Being Used by Cyber Bullies So Use the App Safely

Snapchat is a popular app for sharing photo. The users can share pictures, messages, and videos

in this app, to their friend. All the objects, shared in snapchat, are called snaps. But sometimes

people forget what is snapchat. They often share their intimate pictures, love pictures, nude

images in this social app. And this causes the snapchat leak. And many times some users send

terrifying messages of hatred, those messages often lead somebody’s life into a dangerous

ending. But this is not the purpose of snapchat app; this app was created for entertainment and

sharing of emotions to the close friends. But people are using it in a wrong way.

Using of snapchat

To share a snap in the snapchat app, you have to select seconds for its duration, you can select

seconds from 1 to 10. The receiver will able to view the snap only for this selected seconds, after

that the object will disappear automatically. But sometimes the users take screenshots of the

pictures. Many users share their explicit pictures, and by taking the screenshot the picture can be

saved for ever. This is against the rule of the snapchat authority. There are many third party apps

which allow taking screenshot, Snapkeep, SnapBox, SnapSpy are among of those apps. There

are some hackers also, who are able to hack the server of the app, they take the adult objects

from the server and spread it on the websites for money or some other purpose.



Hacking of Snapchat

The authority of snapchat claims in Twitter that there server was not hacked; there are some

third party apps, who are allowing the users in taking screenshots. The authority accuses

Snapsave and Snapsaved. com for this. But both of the companies deny this accusation. Some

reports say that the server of snapchat app was hacked and this thing happened only for the bad

internal security system of the app. This app is not able to protect its server, so, the hacking is

going on for many times.

Snapchat users

The half of the users are teenager, a report says that United States teens, aged between 13 to 17

years are engaged in snapchat, the most. There are many cyber bullies who are using this app for

their personal purpose, they are spreading hateful messages, and ruin one’s life. They often

forget that this is not the purpose of using snapchat. Thus the app is using in a wrong way by

many users like us.

Updated security system

The snapchat authority says that they are doing scrutiny of their privacy policy. They are agreed

now to settle with the Federal Trade Commission. By that they will get proper guidance in their

privacy and internal security system.

But the users have to be a little bit responsible to share pictures, and of course to choose friends.

Parents need to check that what their children are doing in snapchat app. So, use the app

carefully because there is no privacy at all, snapchat is no more secure to share anything you

want. A safe using can give you more privacy.

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