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Snapchat, the new generation, smart phone app

Fun is the most integral part of life, which is probably the key source for well being. But

standing in the modern century, it’s literally unfeasible for the people to fun with their closed

people or hanging around, whenever you feel extremely down. Life has become so fast, that

even in the moment you are wriggling out of extreme pain; you just cannot take a break from

your super monotonous lifestyle to add on a little fun to your life. Sometimes, it becomes

really unfeasible to drag on life this way. Hence, people need to look for the solution, well,

today the more reliable solution is the internet and ofcourse the cell phone, which embrace

the chit chat in a completely new avatar. And when it comes to pick any one, between these

two, maximum will incline for the mobile phone communication which opens up lots of

feasibilities for having a good chat, which they find the easiest one to afford. The snapchat

communication is the new addition to this mobile phone chatting, which has undoubtedly

added bouts of fun to the whole communication. Have a look-

What is snap chat?

Snap chat is a photo message application which is installable in the I-phones or any high

tech cell phones. This app is better known as the happy app that allows the text message

senders to attach any video or image etc to the text and send them to the recipient. This

application will not only makes the entire chat far catchier than ever, but also adds some extra

joviality to the communication; generally, it’s the basic psychology of everyone that they feel

the real happiness lies in a face to face chat, which is not always feasible to arrange!! Hence,

the cell phone communication is the only way out. But, sometimes the lack of spontaneity in

expression makes the cell phone communication pretty dull!! But the advent of snap chat has

although removed this stigma to some extent, with its amazing chance to add live video and

images to the words.

Risk factor

Definitely, like any other technological inventions, the snap chat also has some certain flaws,

which may make your blood run cold!! Since, the snap chat allows adding on any sort of

image or video clip to any text, that sometimes causes complication in someone’s life to great

extent. There is still a staple option for all, to set a particular time, within what the videos or

the snap shots will only flash on the cell phone’s screen. But, these snaps are downloadable.

So, there still lie some risk factors for the snapchat leaked.

To conclude

There might be such risk factors, but it’s not to be forgotten, that everything depends on the

users. Humans do have sense, brain, and emotion, what the app lacks. Hence, it’s only

feasible for a human to figure out what is right and what is wrong. Once, the conscience orb

the moral ethics will be there, the people will be always far removed from all kinds of ill


snap chat