add me @fleekworld_mike-Snapchat selling stuffed toys now?

Everyone’s beloved snapchat is making news again and this time it is for something that is not

even remotely app-related. The owners of the app have come with their latest business-

expanding scheme and it is selling toys shaped like their app icon! While this business venture

might seem bizarre to some people, the press conference that Spiegel, the owner of snapchat,

gave about the current “tech bubble” that is going on in the market at present helps a little in

explaining the reason behind the decision of a social app company launching its own line of soft

toys. In the conference he had explained how people are now fearlessly investing in anything and

everything that they can lay their hands on because of the surplus inflow of money and low

interest rates that is ruling the economy. So what is this new toy business all about?

Another way to build up revenue

If snapchat was worried about not pulling in enough revenue, they are not anymore. With their

ever-growing brand name, selling toys that looks like an adorable ghost face which also

incidentally happens to be their app icon is sure to be an instant hit among its millions of users.

All that Spiegel needed to do to tie a pretty little bow around it all was to give its app mascot a cute name and he does just that. Even though no one was aware or interested in the app icon

having a name of its own, Spiegel could not have chosen a finer moment to reveal that the

huggable ghost face is called “Ghostface Chillah” which is named after one of his favorite

rappers of all time called Ghostface Killah. It seems like snap chat will stop at nothing to

increase the amount of publicity that it constantly receives.
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Something for the kids

Moreover, after the debacle called SnapKidz, which was a lame attempt to get kids under 13

years of age interested in the “kid version” of the app (since individuals under 13 years of age are

not allowed to create accounts in the regular version of the app), snap chat was desperate to find

a way to become a trend among pre-teens. With the launch of the ghost face toys, which snap

chat claims is mainly meant for children who are 5 years and older, the app still has hopes of

expanding the range of its fans.

It’s not all bad

Despite turning scrutinizing eyes on this social app for preparing to sell something that does not

belong in the techno world, the toy itself cannot be called a waste of money. It may not

technically have hands, feet or even a proper face (as it’s a ghost), but it surely scores major

brownie points for being a complete cutie! It gives off a vibe of being free-spirited, cuddly and

supernaturally awesome. Anyone who is in love with movies such as Casper would undeniably

want to take this “socially active” ghost home. It might also be a great way to rid your kid of

ghost-fears by introducing this plushy ghost into his bedroom.

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