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Snapchat is a photo and video sharing application. The application is mobile based and works both on Android and iOS for apple devices. Two students from the Stanford University, Spielberg and Brown mainly developed it in the year 2011. It was developed as a class project by the two but gained popularity among other students soon and got its fame. For backend and code writing, the duo had to bring in a professional coder and it is when they introduced the idea to Murphy.

The main idea behind the application was not to use it as a classical mainstream camera to capture moments and store them. However, it was developed with the idea to communicate using quick image sharing. There could be times when a user is unable to type likely while cooking so the user can Snapchat a picture of the cooking to let the other person know. On the other hand, other scenario could be that some stuff cannot be explained via texts like some moods or emotions, which cannot be conveyed via texts so Snapchat could be brought into the scenario to send a picture for better expressing.


Snapchat is strictly against the idea of maintaining an online identity that other social networking applications follow. According to the developers, this concept of maintaining an online identity is boring. The application allows the users to locate all the Snapchat users from the contact list.
Another attractive feature is the “My Story” feature in the application. The feature was launched with the tagline “It’s about time”. The user can make video of all the images via Snapchat and can share the video with all the contacts. The contacts of the sender can view the view with the collection of the snaps for 24 hours unlimited times.
The recently launched new feature is slightly different from photo sharing theme of Snapchat. It is a bit conversational which allows the users to send text messages to their contacts. On the other end, the receiver can save the text messages my just tapping on them as a picture format. As the text are read the saved text is deleted automatically hence giving notification to the sender about the successful conversation.

Common Uses

Until the end of 2014 year, the application became so famous that the university Washington had a survey on the use of the application. The researchers through the survey found out that even though with the comparatively low privacy features the mobile-based application is mainly used for sharing private pictures among each other’s. In addition, the youth or the teenagers trust the app more for private picture sharing.
Other than that, the application is used for casual fun and not serious conversation. As for example, the users have admitted to share funny faces and pictures of doing stupid activities via Snapchat. Hence, the application has been used more for creative purposes than serious conversations unlike other social networking application. Cases have been reported of sending snaps by fault at a huge number by the users because of very user-friendly interface.

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