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Life has become quite gadget oriented and we are literally enjoying it. Although some people are

placing their objects over using the gadgets and protesting against the internet world, this

generation has found its innumerous factors of blessings in the usage of internet. One of the

blessing internet could have given us is snapchat. This is basically a mobile application used as

a medium to share photos and videos with desirable recipients. Snapchat has created a

revolutionary path for all to be a part of the life of their close ones while users let their near ones

to be the same.
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An overview of the app:

Snap chat is a photo sharing application and the nature of the application is ephemeral. The

photos and videos are shared on the application, do not stay on the application and the server of

the application for a longer time. All of the shared data goes into oblivion forever and they

cannot be retrieved ever. And this quality is the specialty and the uniqueness of the application.

When you are sharing a picture of yourself or of someone else or it is probably a video, you are

here privileged enough to set the time limit for the photo or the video to be on the screen of the

recipients. It has been labeled by the users as self destructive photo messaging application.

The birth of the app and its related issues:

Snapchat came into existence a few years ago when a college student and his friends. The three

genius minds has taken a bold step and developed the app as a part of their project. Evan, the

CEO of the company for the application, has started his project as a student and the result is in

front of everyone. The company is now flourishing with success and blessings from all of the

users around the world. Snap chat has developed some new features with the help of them you

can become more creative and more interactive with your friends. Now the application gives its

users the opportunity to add text and drawings to the photos and so they can share their emotions

even better than ever.

The rate of the users are increasing:

The number of the users is on hike. Every day the number of users is growing in some more

notches higher. The larger part of the users is teenagers and young adults. They love to use this

application since it is very helpful for them and they find it very helpful because it draws their

friends and family members closer. If you are someone who is living far away from his home

and missing his family members, relatives and friends badly, this application is the best one for

you to use and share the real emotions with them right at the time of happening.

The concluding words:

This application has many more things in its store and they are on their way to improving it day

by day. With the huge success and love received from all, the team is looking forward something

big in the near future.

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