Latest venture of Snapchat

The fastest growing social media app Snapchat has established the steppingstone in the way of

promoting itself as a unique content player after hiring Marcus Wiley as the chief of program

planning and development. Snapchat always endeavors to engage its consumers more to the app

by introducing features at a regular interval and this program is the part of this initiative. Wiley’s

endeavors are supposed to be concentrating upon amplifying up the unique content proffered by

Snap Channel. Recently Wiley worked as a producer, co-head and SVP of Fox comedy

development, he steered the development of half-hour series like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The

Mindy Project, New Girl and Bob’s Burgers. Aside of that he was also engaged in venturing Last

Man on Earth to the network. He worked as a literary and packaging executive at the William-

Morris Agency. He also worked as a development executive at Regency Television where he

was involved in series like the Bernie Mac Show and Malcolm In The Middle.

By associating with this multi-talented person Snapchat is expected to venture a spectacular

program that will again enthrall its users and will drag more people towards the app. This feature

is hoped to be advantageous for the marketers who are always in search for unique platform for

endorsing products.
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After Discover now feature, it is time for ad-supportive contents

Those published contents are supposed to drag the attention of the young audiences of the app.

This ephemeral messaging app, available on smart phones is popular among the 13 to 34 aged

crowds who daily watch near about 2 billion videos, according to the stat of the company.

Snapchat has embarked on ad-supported content after its revenue collecting venture “Discover”

that features videos and articles from several media brands like Cosmopolitan, Comedy Central,

ESPN, Food Network, National Geographic, CNN, Yahoo, Vice and Snap channel. The features

of Snap Channel will be enhanced by Marcus and the team. The content which holds ads is

invigorated on daily basis. Snapchat is also utilizing user-generated content, collecting from

Snaps to construct daily stories from a city or an event which will be also disappeared after


Snapchat never stops experimenting with its features

The app was introduced in the market in 2011 and within 5 years it has made its position among

the leading instant messaging app. Now it has 200 million active users who are allowed t send

“snaps”- videos and photos, drawings and text can be added to them. Its immense popularity has

made it a reliable platform for selling advertisements; if your products are promoted through

Snapchat then you can be assured of the fact that your products will be come into notice of huge

crowd. In spite of being popular as an ad-posting media Snapchat has never stopped of

experimenting with its features, and on regular basis it launches new features which eventually

helps to increase its popularity and in earning more revenues. The world is looking forward to

see what the latest venture of Snapchat offers them.

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