Add me, 18: anonym99er123-Snapchat Is The Latest Trend Of All Apps:-

Snapchat the latest friend finding app has made everyone its addict right ranging from teens to

the middle aged everyone just can’t get enough of this app. Its snaps and video sending speed

helps you to stay connected with your friends almost every second. This fun messaging app helps

you to send your loved ones your pics almost in a second. Snapchat helps you to give others a

slight peek into your lives and your lifestyle. It is the latest generation app that helps you active

on your social front without any extra efforts all you is need is an android phone with the

Snapchat application installed in it.

Snapchat helps you make fun with your fun and merry making friends. Therefore it is mandatory

that you have a certain number of merry making friends to help you enjoy the app to its latest.

Now there are two simple ways in which you can add friends to your Snapchat friend list. First is

by searching them with the help of their usernames and second is scanning your contact list

which would directly connect with your friends using Snapchat.
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Ways To Add Friends On Your Snapchat Contact List:-

There are two ways of adding friends in your Snapchat app. The first method is by adding them

directly from your contact list. This is the most simple way to add friends on your list. The basic

requirement is that the friends whom you want to add need to be there in your contact list.

Second method is by adding add by their Snapchat user names. If the friends you want to add are

not there in your contact list you can add them by searching them according to their usernames.

For this it is mandatory for you to know your friends username because you need to spell it

correctly before you add them. In addition to these simple the most important thing is that your

friend should have Snapchat installed in their phones before you add them. It is not possible to

add friends on Snapchat who don’t have a Snapchat account.

Needless to say but before you add friends on your Snapchat you yourself should have this

application running on your phone. And if you have this app downloaded on your phone then

you need to create a registered account for yourself. After having a registered account in your

name you are ready to explore this fun app. And if you still don’t have this app in your phones

you can download it from the iTunes app store or the Google Play Store. And if you are unable

to create an account for yourself then read on the following few steps.

Creating A Snpachat Account:-

Creating a Snapchat account is very simple and would take barely a few minutes say ten to

fifteen minutes. Firstly make sure that you have the latest Snapchat version downloaded from the

iTunes Store or the Google Play Store. Once you have this app downloaded then click on the

create my account button. They would ask for your email address, your birthday, and your

contact number. Once you have entered these they will give you your usernames and you are

ready to make fun.

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