Add him-Snapchat’s Disappearing Feature Does Not Work- Report Reveals

In a recent investigation the experts have found that the Snapchat picture does not get

disappeared permanently. But the disappearing feature of this app is the most important feature

of the app. In fact it can be called the reason behind this huge popularity of the app is this unique

feature. But the ultimate truth gets revealed by a report by some experts. Previously many users

and experts had thought about it. But now this is cleared to all. For that the Snapchat users are

very much worried because the private snaps of the users get saved in the hub of the app.

What is the disappearing feature of Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular picture sharing app. The users can share pictures, videos and messages

with the Snapchat friends, through this app. The objects those get share in the social networking

app, are called the snaps. The users need to select the existing time for the snap, before sharing a snap. This will be the existing time of the snap. One can select time from one to ten seconds. The receiver will be allowed to see the snap only for this selected seconds. After these seconds the snap will be disappeared automatically from the app. The users will not be able to keep the snaps in their device. This feature of the app is very unique. People like this disappearing feature of the

app the most. This can be called the best feature of the app. Some also say that this disappearing

feature of the app is the reason of the huge popularity of the app.
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What the report says about disappearing feature of Snapchat?

A recent report has disclosed that the disappearing feature of the app does not work. The pictures

gets disappeared from the device of the users but those images get saved in the central hub of the

app. And for that all those snaps are saved in the hub of the app. But the main thing is that the

users can’t save the images or videos naturally. Though there are some third party apps those

allow the users to take screenshots. But as the snaps get shared in the hub of the app, the private

pictures of the users get shared in the hub of the app. And for that the Snapchat hacking is going

on. The hackers have got success many times for getting the Snapchat objects. Some reports

have disclosed that the hackers were succeeded in hacking the hub of the app. And for that they

have got huge amount of private snaps.

Many users share private snaps. Some also share nude images of themselves through this app.

The explicit pictures, intimate love pictures are very common object of sharing, for some of the

Snapchat users, and as those snaps get shared in the hub of the app, it is a huge problem for the

Snapchat users. Even the popularity of Snapchat is getting increased in a high number. The

new services and updated features of the app are the main reasons for this popularity.

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