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Initial speculation leading to success

Some of the most recognized online brands which have gone on to redefine the whole purpose

we use the internet have time and again proved that despite some initial “will they make it?”

controversies, they had it in them to pull through and establish themselves as pioneers of the

very business that they were novices at. All of them had people talking behind their backs,

criticizing their decisions about not selling off their companies when they got similar attractive

offers from some other bigger companies which reigned at their respective times. However, as

motivational speeches goes, they did not give up. They believed in the capability of the idea

behind the company that they were trying to create and the belief went on, in turn to create

history. Snapchat is no different. According to its owners, it has every option to start generating

revenue with time.

Ad0lf H1pster snap contact

Ad0lf H1pster snap contact

Charging for virtual goods

As per the policy of Japanese social apps, one of the popular ideas to generate revenue would

be to start charging for virtual goods such as emoticons in chats and messages. It is amazing

what a dollar for sending an additional picture heart could be worth, when a million users are

sending it every second all over the world. Apart from picture heart, there is always will always

be a major boost in revenue on special occasions like the Valentine’s Day when lovers flock to

express their love through gifting each other valentine heart pictures, and who knows, these

valentine heart pictures might just start a trend that has to be followed every year, making the

app even more famous.


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