accessing snapchat photos -adding friends on snapchat-Snapchat: How Much It Is Good Or Bad

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a world famous photo and video sharing application. There are some twists that made this

application world famous. The media or snaps are sent by the user disappear seconds after they are viewed

by the recipients. In this application the user can decide how long the snap will “live” from 1 to 10 seconds

after they are viewed. So we can clearly say in one sentence about Snapchat that it feels like socializing that

is foot print free. But there are ways to capture and recover those pictures or videos, so no one should

develop a false sense on “security” about that.

History of Snapchat:

Snapchat was first developed to run on the iOS platforms only. But later the same application lunched for

the android systems also. Now a day it runs on Apple iPhone, android phones, iPad, android tablets and iPod

touch which are often used by very young children. In this application several changes done from the

traditional social networking sites and developed it as an antidote to those traditional social sites where

images can stay around forever and people have to worry about their reputation and self presentation. But

the Snapchat users have no such worries.

accessing snapchat photos -adding friends on snapchat
accessing snapchat photos -adding friends on snapchat

Curse of Snapchat:

Although this application has gained lot of fame from different age group of users from across the world, it

has certain risks while using it. Like other social networking sites there is nothing dangerous to use

Snapchat, but it is true that it can be used as “Sexting App”. According to the research and depending upon

several evidences it is proved that teens do not prefer this app for sexting, but like any other services which

share media, Snapchat could be used as sexting, harassment etc. It is also verified that in most of the cases

users use MMS for sexting rather than Snapchat.

Users of Snapchat:

Snapchat application is also open for the children minimum of the age group of thirteen according to an act

of privacy protection of U.S children. But when a user download this application, it will ask the user about

his or her date of birth and if the birth year of that user tells that the user is under the age of thirteen, this

main application will not start and automatically the kid version named as Snapkidz will be opened. In this

version users can’t add friends to share snaps with their friends. Kids’ photos are just saved on their devices

“Camera Roll”.

Snapchat: Good or Bad?

One of the burning questions regarding the Snapchat is whether it is good or bad for its users. We all know

that snaps, sent by the users disappear within few seconds. It is good as there is no chance for a person to

feel anxiety of losing his reputation. But the snaps send by a user can be saved with another device and can

be shared beyond the knowledge of the originator. It could be bad because the captured snaps could be a

reason for the embarrassment of the persons involved in the snaps. On the other hand it is good as it could be

used as the evidence against any mishap to the person involved in the snaps, intentionally done by anyone.

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